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What They Say?

Formfacade is must-have app if you’re serious about having professional-looking forms on your website. It is a very flexible and powerful app which is constantly improved with a very user-friendly user interface. Highly recommended.

F Reiner, Acacia Brand Communications Studio

Amazing for small teams with not a lot of time to make their front-end look rad, specially if your webpage mostly gets traffic from one type of design or if you have a dev who can make the format adjust dynamically to the viewer’s device. If you’re using it for contact info in socialpoints though, such as Linkedin, you’ll love it because it turns the form into a landing page that is very beautiful and fluidily animated.

Ivan Flecha, Bizontech

I have bought many products, i have used many items so far. So i had connection many companies but this one was by far the best. They have great support and really good product because you may not want to use google interface. They have added both art and functionality to it. I cannot thank the staff enough as they are so helpful and so kind. In case you need to use form facade, I guarantee you it is such great.

Gokhan, Johannista

Great app!! If you have a google form and want it to look professional... I highly recommend FormFacade! On first glance it seems like a simple app with minimal features, but once I got a bit more familiar with the settings, I can honestly tell you it really is a great, powerful and VERY customizeable app!! Great customer service!!

Tzvi Hoffman

Nifty little add-on to harness the power of Google Forms without being stuck with the formatting of Google Forms. I used it with a Joomla website and it worked a charm. Thanks for this!

Vernon Waretini, Te Whāriki Takapou

I love google forms, but their layout is boring so with FormFacade, I could customise it and make it link with Google Sheets that it’s easier to manage my leads! 6/5 stars!

Jun King Sze, Epnox Technologies

Checkmate!!! They converted my WordPress site to a lead generating machine...
highly recommended...cheers...

Jesse Noel Gavino Sales, The Philippine Nurses’ Association – Cebu Chapter

Make Google Forms look great